No way your team and compete with mine🔥

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

One thing I love is nerding with basketball and that of course wanders to NBA a lot of times

The starting line up you are about to see is current 2023–2024 NBA season rules and players

My thoughts

My lineup is 5-Out spread offense with players which has the versatility to do everything offensively and also switch onto anybody defensively. Also must be atleast 6’8–6’9

This is actually how I believe the NBA will be in the years to come

My squad

Point Guard – Lebron James

Shooting Guard – Paul George

Small Forward – Kevin Durant

Power Forward – Anthony Davis

Center – Joel Embild

And yes, I choose Embild over Jokic, Embild is on 🔥 right now and a personal preference

Some honourable mentions is: Jokic, Luka, Jaylen Brown, Giannis

If you got a team which you believe could compete with this team on both ends of the court I would love to read your comment below👇🏽

Thank you for reading

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